Cloth Nappies in Brisbane

Environmentally friendly and affordable nappies from Oz Nappies

The image of the old fashioned, square, and rough looking cloths is what sticks in our mind when someone mentions reusable nappies. However Oz Nappies’ new modern cloth design, available to order online in Brisbane, is as far from these rudimentary cloths as disposable nappies were when they first hit the shelves. The layered and elastic material makes MCN a finely crafted technology compared to its reusable predecessor and every bit as effective as disposable nappies. And of course when you buy our cloth nappies you will save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Browse online from the comfort of your Brisbane home and explore our range of:

As times get a little harder for families to make ends meet, why wouldn’t you use a product that is not only environmentally friendly but financially friendly as well? If you live in Brisbane, start shopping online now to buy your range of modern cloth nappies or call us on (03) 9095-6031 or email here.

Any Brisbane retailers interested in stocking any of our environmentally friendly products should email wholesale with an enquiry.