Cloth Nappies in Perth

Order our modern cloth nappies and save without compromising your baby’s comfort

One of the main reasons most people have hesitations about using modern cloth nappies over disposables in this day and age is the memory of what reusable nappies once looked like. Much has changed in that time though and there are now even more positives attributed to using cloth nappies and none of the negatives. Oz Nappies, available online in Perth, are engineered to be layered and flexible in design and just as effective as disposable nappies. You will also never run out of them– a few extra loads in the washing machine a week and you will always have nappies on hand to change your baby’s accidents.

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Of course when you buy modern cloth nappies you also have the peace of mind of knowing you are doing your bit towards the environment. If you live in Perth, start shopping online now to buy from our range of modern MCN nappies or call us on (03) 9095-6031 or email here.

Any Perth retailers interested in stocking any of our environmentally friendly products should email wholesale with an enquiry.