Washable Nappies & Nappy Inserts - Frequently Asked Questions

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How many modern cloth nappies do I need?

The average child uses 10-12 nappies per day. If you have 20-24 nappies, then you could wash every second day. How often you wash determines how many nappies you want to have on hand. 

How do I care for my Modern Cloth Nappies?

They are a machine washable nappy (instructions are on the label). Before washing the nappies, remove any solid waste and flush. Remove nappy inserts. Some people soak nappies in a bucket but it’s not recommended to leave them more than 1-2 days. Use a warm or cold wash with half to 3/4 the amount of recommended gentle detergent. The fewer soap suds, the better. Use of Napisan will degrade the absorbency of the nappy inserts. Build-up of residue causes nappy liners to become less absorbent and even repel liquid. If you accidentally use Napisan or a comparable cleaner, this can be cured with a few washes without any detergent. These nappies dry well outside in the sun but you can tumble dry low. The pocket nappies will dry faster than the microfiber or bamboo inserts.

What do I do if I have been accidentally washing cloth nappies with products I shouldn’t?

If you make the mistake of washing cloth nappies with pure soap, fabric softeners or have hard water, it is a good idea to remove the build-up left behind in the fibers of your reusable nappies and nappy inserts. Also, if you wash natural fibers with synthetics or do not rinse all the detergent out of your Modern Cloth Nappies each time you wash, you may notice your fleece begins to repel or they begin to leak. If your MCNs develop an odour when clean, this can signal it’s time to “strip” them. This simply means to take your clean nappies (do not have to be dry) and machine wash them alone on 2-3 times without detergent.

What material are Oz Nappies made of?

These reusable nappies are made of breathable, waterproof polyester (PUL) outer with micro-fleece inner lining for extra comfort. Fleece is hydrophobic, (it resists water), and so moisture is drawn away into the absorbent layers keeping your baby feeling dry. Each nappy comes with 2 cotton microfiber inserts that fit into the pocket nappy.

Is the outer pocket waterproof, are they washable nappies and do I need a cover?

The outer PUL cover of the Oz nappy is water-resistant but it is a machine washable nappies. You need no plastic pants or other covers. The fleece-like inner side of pocket nappy is soft to the touch and liquid absorbs through to nappy insert. The PUL covers complement all types of square or pre-fold nappy inserts. Some people give different reusable nappies a go. It is nice to know you can mix and match some inserts if you chose.

Are liners necessary?

You do not need liners but disposable, eco- friendly, biodegradable lines can be used if desired. Some parents favour this practice when their infants produce solid waste as it can be easier to discard or flush.

Is more than one size of nappy required?

No, our nappies have rows of snaps so the size adjusts for babies 4-15kg. This saves you the added expense of having to purchase more sizes that last only a short period before your baby outgrows them.

What is the difference between All-in-Ones (AIOs), All-in-Twos (AI2s), pocket nappies and fitted nappies?

Some nappy terms are often interchanged but there are slight differences.AIOs tend to have multiple absorbent layers sewn into the nappy so there is no need for folding or inserting absorbers. They tend to be the thickest in cloth material which enhances their absorbency. AI2s have removable absorbent layers and also quicker drying time than AIOs. Both AIO’s & AI2’s tend to come in multiple sizes (i.e.: S-M-L).

Pocket Nappies (like Oz Nappies) have a waterproof (generally PUL) shell that you use with inserts or boosters. This allows for fast drying. These interchangeable inserts can be layered for heavier wetters. One-size designs, with adjustable Velcro or snaps, fit newborn to toilet trained toddlers. Fitted Nappies are mainly made of natural material like bamboo or hemp and require a cover. They may have clips or external fasters and require the most drying time of all Modern Cloth Nappies.

Do I need extra inserts?

We include two inserts as nappy accessories with each reusable nappy and also sell extra bamboo and microfiber inserts separately. Some people like this for baby’s sleep time, but not all babies need them. It can however, be helpful to have a few extra inserts around to use while your other nappy inserts are drying or to use bamboo inserts for a booster effect at night.

Does Oz nappies wholesale their products?

We are currently actively looking for retailers in Australia and New Zealand to stock our easily washable modern cloth nappies. Please contact wholesale@oznappies.com if you would like more information.