Accessories for Modern Cloth Nappies

Each of our reusable nappies comes with two dependable microfiber inserts. We offer additional nappy inserts for purchase in microfiber or bamboo, either individually or in value packs for the greatest savings. Having spare nappy inserts around comes in handy on wet days while the others you have are drying. They can also be used as night boosters, layering microfiber with bamboo (microfiber on top) during baby’s sleep-time as this increases the nappy’s absorbency considerably.

Microfiber Insert

Microfiber is stain-resistant and easily serviceable. It’s advantages include; softness, durability, wicking abilities (effectively absorbs moisture and draws away from surface), and it filters odors.

Bamboo Insert

Bamboo is soft, anti-allergenic and especially good for baby’s sensitive skin, thin, breathable fiber, less bulky than cotton, and is easily worn all year round. Bamboo has anti-bacterial properties and using it as reusable nappy liners is known to help prevent nappy rash. It also absorbs 60% more moisture than cotton of the same standard. Just like the microfiber liners, our bamboo liners are machine washable and can be line-dried (or tumble dried on low).

  • Spare microfiber insert for your modern cloth nappies
    Microfiber Insert
    $4.00 Add
  • Bamboo insert for your reusable nappies
    Bamboo Insert
    $5.00 Add
  • Microfiber 5Pk
    $15.00 Add
  • Bamboo 5Pk
    $20.00 Add